I recently had the opportunity to visit Old St. Patrick Oratory in Kansas City, Missouri and to attend the Traditional Latin Mass held there.  I was deeply moved by the beauty of the Mass, the atmosphere of prayer and holiness in the Oratory, and the genuineness and devotion of both the clergy and laity.  Old St. Patrick Oratory is a real treasure for all Catholics living in or visiting the Kansas City area.  The Oratory is administered by priests of the Institute of Christ the King Sovereign Priest, which promotes traditional Catholic teachings and piety, and celebration of the Traditional Latin Mass.  The Institute has undertaken the preservation of a number of historic churches.  The Institute is in good standing with the Holy See and has the approval of the Catholic Church.  I heartily recommend that everyone in the area make a special effort to visit the Oratory.  Click here: http://www.institute-christ-king.org/kansascity/