From CBN News: "Grizzly stories of murders, rapes, and beheadings by Islamists are increasingly appearing in the news. The latest: the brutal public murder of three Catholics in Syria, attended by a cheering crowd.  The execution of Father Francois Murad, a Syrian Catholic priest, and two others was posted by Live Leak according to Catholic Online. The Blaze reported that Syrian rebels took Murad and two others from a monastery in the northern town of Gassanieh."  Here is the link:

We have heard many stories about the persecution and murder of Catholics around the world, almost always by Muslims.  Pray for the souls of Father Murad and his companions that the blood of these new martyrs may become the seeds for the conversion of the followers of Mohammad, for we are also hearing of numerous conversions in the Muslim world, especially in Africa.  Every day, 16,000 Muslims convert to Christianity (that's almost 6 million a year).  In Egypt, there are also many conversions but, as in most Muslim countries, they practice their faith in secret for fear of reprisals.  While many of these conversions are to evangelical Christianity, God may be using the evangelicals whom, we pray, He will in time bring into the fullness of the Catholic Faith. and Here are some of the numbers:

Join the Knights of St. Mary in praying for our Catholic brethren living under the Muslim yoke and for the conversion of Muslims.  Please offer a Rosary every day for this intention.  Our Lady told St. Dominic to pray the Rosary in order to convert the heretics and it was the power of the Rosary that brought defeat to the Muslims at the Battle of Lepanto in 1571. and

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